TXB Tough

I expect a lot out of my tools just like people expect a lot from me. The following is a list of tools I use, I have beat up, and that have proven to be TxB Tough.


Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife

To start off the TXB Tough section I decided it made the most sense to go with the most utilized tool in my arsenal.  My Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife. The reason its the most used tool is because I carry it with me on the job and off.  It comes in handy in a ton of situations. This little red knife is full of engineering, style and durability, and I HAVE NEVER BROKEN ONE! I can say that about very few tools and this knife can take a real beating. The ergonomic shape allows for a very comfortable grip and allows you to put a ton of pressure on the blade. Also the opening feature is so effortless it can be done one handed, which everyone who works hands-on knows is extremely helpful. The blades change out very easily and the belt clip is well built and allows easy storage.  It also has an integrated wire stripper/ rope cutter, which by the way, also works as a great bottle opener! The only complaint I have about the knife is that it does not store any additional blades, but I hear they have solved that issue for the 2013 version! This knife is truly TXB TOUGH! For more information and to purchase your own, click here.


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